House rules and Guidelines

House Rules

  • Just to spice things up a bit, we’ll be using the Wounds/Vigor alternate rule system.
  • Firearms are rather primitive but commonplace and are treated as martial weapons, but there are only “Early” ones, no “Advanced”. Cost of firearms and ammo is 25% amount listed. Even if you’ve a class that doesn’t focus on firearms there’s no reason not to carry a piece as backup.
  • Armor will largely be an abstraction, so buy whatever gear you want – you’ll essentially be buying the stats without clanking around in a pile of metal (proficiencies still apply). I got a handwave ready :P Pick up that badass overcoat and highwayman hat!
  • Resurgence: When damaged by an enemy in combat and you successfully damage any enemy no later than one round afterwards, you regain 1d6 Vitality. This is to illustrate and encourage aggressive and proactive Hunter combat. Show them you are not prey!


This adventure will be a low-magic, gothic fantasy game. It is no longer a world of shining knights and mysterious wizards, but one of gunslingers, swashbucklers, alchemists, brawlers and other, more civilized fare. Think early Victorian era, with guns being primitive but commonplace, science is progressing by leaps and bounds but mysticism and occult practices are still being practiced in the fringes of society – and in lesser, more primitive lands. It’s not very steampunk, but rather more like “gaslight fantasy”. “Gothic action” might be a good name as well! For visual inspiration, see for example movies like Sleepy Hollow, Sherlock Holmes and especially Brotherhood of the Wolf!

There are a few classes I would like to especially recommend (and conversely, some I’d like to discourage):

Generally any martial class works fine, but especially…

  • Swashbuckler (Advanced Class Guide)
  • Gunslinger (Advanced Players Guide)
  • Alchemist (APG)
  • Brawler (ACG)
  • Slayer (ACG)
  • Investigator (ACG)
    …fit the style of the setting particularly well.

Many half-casters like Magus, Bloodrager and Inquisitor works as well, but most “high fantasy” classes and full casters like wizards do not.

Not recommended:

  • Wizard, and other full casters
  • Paladin
  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Summoner
  • Any other class with animal companions

Hope this isn’t a downer for some and I apologize that so many non-core classes are recommended (although not being on the list doesn’t mean you can’t play it), but I’m positive that they will create a fantastic group to play and an interesting cast to meet!

Creating your character:

  • See the Join the Hunt page for picking your “race”.
  • You will be 8th level at the beginning of your adventure (which means 33.000 gp to spend on your gear).
  • On top of your basic and class feats, you will all also have an open teamwork feat slot that you may fill with a teamwork feat of your choice. This feat can be changed with certain actions. Talk amongst yourself which feat you want to share.
  • Don’t be afraid to get the magical stuff – most things can be refluffed to fit the setting, and pure magic does exist, although rare and usually in the hands of cultists, foreign mystics, secret societies and suchlike. Potions are various alchemical concoctions in injectors, rings and amulets are blessed heirlooms, etc etc. Don’t be afraid to take that +1 flaming sword or robe of resistance!
  • Finally, think of a short nome de chasseur, a title that speaks for you character at first glance, such as “Lady”, “Book”, “Longshanks” or even something evocative like “Tempest” or “Gunner”.
  • Two more things (I’ll keep it vague to avoid spoilers): you will have a steady supply of “healing potions” to offset the lack of divine magic, although you’ll need to Hunt for it. Also, you will have the opportunity to switch around and acquire more gear almost at your leisure – there will be a “hub” location where you can rest and interact where such options are provided. Naturally, it’s quite easy to scavenge for supplies in the ruined city too.

House rules and Guidelines

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