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“And What shoulder, and what art,”

In this adventure, you will be discovering the mysteries and ancient history of the ancient, gothic city of Vengham, with hordes of blood-mad citizenry and beasts hounding you at every step. It will be quite action-packed, but you will need to pick your battles lest you be overwhelmed. Your identity as “Hunters” is central to this adventure – In Vengham, you’ll be thrust into a new culture of people such as yourself, who stalk its streets with blade and gun in hand to hunt its beasts for their own purposes. A larger mission tied to this identity will quickly become apparent to you, which will be the ‘mystery’ part of this otherwise rather combat-heavy romp.

The adventure will start, as mentioned above, with you already in Vengham having just undergone “vaccination”. All that is required is that you’re newly arrived – whether you’re simply returning home or see Vengham for the first time doesn’t matter. Where you go from there, well, that’s somewhat up to you.

Although the premise, general story direction, and character prep is done, I’ve still a lot of work to do with planning the actual storyline, designing encounters, areas, statting enemies and the like. I hope you have some patience with me as I cobble together something more substantial as quickly as i can!

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