Character Advancement Tracker

Milestones and Advancement

Characters began on level 8, with 33,000 gp worth of wealth.

First Milestone: Defeated the Cleric Beast

Awarded 1 Step and 3,250 gp.

Steps Spent:
Lady Delilah St. Clair: 8B (Saving Throws; +1 Fortitude, +1 Will)
Countess Miriam Gainsborough: 8D (Two Feats: Acrobatic Moves and Improved Critical: Musket)
Lieutenant Jonathan Croft: 8 (Nothing selected yet)
Doctor Vernon Reed: 8 (Nothing selected yet)

Wealth Spent:
Lady Delilah St. Clair: None.
Countess Miriam Gainsborough: None.
Lieutenant Jonathan Croft: None.
Doctor Vernon Reed: None.

Character Advancement Tracker

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