“Tiger! Tiger! burning bright”

Located by a remote, mountainous coast lies the ancient city of Vengham. Nested between forbidding, granite peak this gloomy city had grown, layer by layer, into a reclusive domain known for its strange religious practices and advanced medical learning. Many bizarre secrets are hidden in its tiered depths.

Now, however, this once glorious maze of winding stairs, intricate buttresses and marble statuary is plagued by an insidious epidemic, and is now considered a cursed place. The plague doesn’t kill, but robs a man of his reason and transforms him into something other…something hideous and bestial.

When this Plague of Beasts descended, few escaped to provide witness. But enough was inferred to deem the place best avoided. Some say a “Beast Hunt” happens every night, and the streets are filled with the scent of blood and death, as the crowds, unaware of their own affliction, wander around with bleary, confused eyes and torches and weapons in their hands. There are those who burn the bodies of huge beasts, and cruel feasts unfold under an attentive moon. High walls echo with the howls of swift beasts, and some speak of even worse things lurking in Vengham’s darkest corners.

Why would you want to enter such a place? Are you ill, seeking its legendary panaceas? Are you greedy, hoping to pick the dead of their spoils? Are you compassionate or vengeful, hoping to find someone there? Or are you just coming home?

Either way, only dark roads remain for entrance into plagued Vengham, and through them you’ve found yourself in the port district office of a not-entirely sane doctor, who you’ve learned can inoculate yourself somewhat against the plague. A folly perhaps, but necessary so that you may meet your goals. You’re not alone in that run-down, dirty clinic, but there’s no time for introduction or chit-chat. The procedure is about to start…

Soon, the Hunt begins.

The Hunt

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